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Alimentatore da banco 0-60Vdc 0-6A PeakTech 6227

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cod. STALP6227
OUT:150Wmax EN 61010-1 USB OUT - 5mVrms
DC switching power supply 0-60 V / 0-6 A with color LCD & 2 x USB
This newly developed laboratory power supply offers a controllable 0...60V or 0...6A DC main output with a maximum continuous power of 150W. For developers, this laboratory power supply offers two switchable USB outputs with their own LCD display with voltage and current values.
If you use a load up to 2.5A, you can set the output voltage up to 60V. If you want to use a higher current up to 6A, set the load to a maximum of 25V. Of course, all stages are also adjustable in between, e.g. 30V/5A, 40V/3.7A or 50V/3A.
The current and voltage setting also can be done when the output is switched off. By pressing the knob for current or voltage, the setting resolution can be fine/coarse switched from 1mA to 100mA or 10mV to 1V.
Due to the high range of functions and the simple operation with the best price-performance ratio, this laboratory power supply is ideal for the education, hobby, development and service sector.
Blue LCD display showing the output voltage and current values
Green LCD display showing the USB output voltage and current values
150W constant output power
Adjustable voltage range: 0~60V at 0~2.5A and 0~25V at 2.5~6A
Voltage and current pre-selection with switchable output
C.C. (Constant Current) and C.V. (Constant Voltage) mode with connected load
Protection against short circuit, overload and overtemperature
Safety: EN 61010-1
Accessories: Power cable, Connection Leads and Manual

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