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Elettronica: Alimentatori AC/DC per notebook

Alimentatore AC per notebook 90W 15-18-19-20V USN90

35,14 € cad.
28,80 € (IVA esc.)
Oltre 3pz 30,26 € 24,80 € (IVA esc.)
Spedizione gratuita su tutti gli ordini oltre € 110,00
Disponibilità immediata
cod. KENVB1204
You can supply most of the common Notebooks fast and efficient with the universal adapter ARGUS USN90-UCB.
Almost every model can be connected (further adapters are optional available) due to the 10 included, changeable tips. With its flat design, the adapter fits in almost every Notebook bag. The most important feature is the automatic voltage change. If chosen the right tip, the adapter changes the voltage automatically depending on the tip. A wrong voltage should be almost impossible.
Additionally the ARGUS USN90-UCB is equipped with an USB-port to charge USB devices like Smartphones or Tablets. The efficiency of more than 83% has a positive impact on your wallet and protects the environment.
Tip "M1" - 15V - Toshiba, NEC
Tip "M4" - 18.5V - HP/Compaq
Tip "M5" - 19V - Acer, Asus, Delta, Gateway, IBM, NEC, Toshiba, Hasee, Lenovo, Liteon
Tip "M7" - 19V - Acer, Liteon, Nec
Tip "M8" - 19.5V - Sony
Tip "M11" - 20V - IBM, Lenovo
Tip "M12" - 18.5V - HP/Compaq
Tip "M15" - 19V - Acer, Liteon
Tip "M25" - 20V - Lenovo
Tip "M28" - 20V - Lenovo
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