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Hard Disk esterno USB-C 3.2 SSD IP68 1TB AData H10C7

149,88 € cad.
122,85 € (IVA esc.)
Oltre 2pz 143,22 € 117,39 € (IVA esc.)
Spedizione gratuita su tutti gli ordini oltre € 110,00
Disponibilità immediata
cod. KNQX1146
ASD700-1TU31 R/W 440MB/s 83x83x14mm
The SD700 arrives as one of the first IP68 dust and water proof durable external SSDs with 3D NAND Flash. It combines an array of innovative features and technologies to give you performance, endurance, and convenience wherever you go. Clad in a tough shell, it’s also military-grade shockproof while four times faster than external HDDs (mechanical drives) at 440MB/s read and write. Running via USB 3.2 Gen 1, the SD700 is cross-platform compatible with Windows, Mac OS, and Android to enable easy content sharing and transfer. It’s light (just 75g!), silent, cool, and very power efficient. This is the durable SSD your adventures demand.
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