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ePMP Force 130-14 RADIO SM14dBi 00C502A

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cod. LCLSS1440
C050900C502A MIMO H15/45° 5GHz PTMP
Cambium EPMP Force 130 SM EU | CPE | 5GHz 2x2 MIMO, RJ45 100Mb/s, 14dBi
Cambium Networks ePMP Force 130 is a subscriber module designed especially for those markets where price is a key element
The ePMP Force 130 module is designed to operate in highly disturbed environments and provides up to 140 Mbps throughput, with bi-directional flow of real user data.
Configurable operating modes provide robust adaptation to both symmetrical and asymmetrical traffic, while ensuring high performance and low latency in two-way traffic
Very simple installation, with the option of mounting on a pole or wall
ePMP Force 130 is available in both the 5 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands (see the 2.4 GHz specification sheet for more information on this band)
QoS management offers exceptional quality triple play services - VoIP, video and data, providing three-tier traffic prioritization
The ePMP Force 130 is compatible with ePMP 1000 and ePMP 2000 access points, it also works with ePMP 3000 mode compatible backwards with 802.11n.
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