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Barcode 1D USB IP65 OPTICON NLV-4001

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cod. LQL1332
The NLV-4001 is our latest development in the NLV series. This small 1D CCD scanner is easily integrated and scans at a fast speed. The fix position scanner is perfect for the most demanding applications and the scanner is also very resistant with an IP65 rating.
This fixed mount scanner is ideal in situations that require 1D scanning at a fast speed. Our existing customers use this scanner in retail P.O.S., self service solutions like a kiosk, parking lot ticket machines and in medical or pharmaceutical analysis machines.

The NLV-4001 is the smallest fix position scanner in the NLV-series and scans at a fast speed of 300 scans per second. This fixed position scanner is developed for the most demanding applications requiring a device capable of reading 1D barcodes. The fix position scanner is very rugged with a IP65 rating.

Offered with the choice of USBCOM or Serial interface, this scanner is flexible enough to suit most OEM/ODM applications.

Some features why the NLV-4001 should be in your next ODM or OEM project:

300 scans per second
Smallest in the NLV-series
Rugged; IP 65
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