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Alimentatore ATX12V-2.4 1000W ARMOR FTX1000A

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cod. KILMX1144
SAMA FTX-1000-A Armor – gold power for your PC

The 1000W powerful power supply from SAMA is 80PLUS® Gold certified and equipped with the latest technology! The DC/DC technology ensures maximum efficiency and stable voltages. With the +12V single-rail technology, a full 81A is also available for power-hungry graphics cards. 105°C-certified A+ premium capacitors from Nichicon Japan offer maximum reliability for well over 100.000 operating hours (MTBF) with over 90% efficiency.

The fully modular cable design offers a free choice in terms of connections. In addition to two 4+4-pin connections for dual-CPU systems, the SAMA FTX-1000-A Armor has nine S-ATA, three Molex and four PCIe 6+2-pin connections, all of which have a flat-cable design, which contributes to a clean cable management in the case.

The smooth-running, temperature-controlled 120mm fan, which reliably cools the inner workings of the power supply, sits in the high-quality power supply housing, which has been provided with golden aluminum applications. A 60 month manufacturer's guarantee rounds off the overall package and underlines the high quality of the SAMA FTX-1000-A Armor.

80PLUS® Gold with more than 90% efficiency
+12V single-rail technology with 81A
DC/DC technology
full modular cable design
60 months warranty

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