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Termistore 100K

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cod. SDP1014
NTC Radial Lead Glass Sealed Bead Type temperature probe thermistor-100K-3950

100K temperature probe thermistor
Item No. B2-100K-3950
Resitance at 25°c 100Kohm
B value (25 °c/50 °c) 3950K+/-1%
Accuracy of Resistance at 25°c +/-1%,2%,3%,4%,5%
Certificate UL/RoHS
Application Temperature Sensor

Description temperature probe thermistor

1. MJB NTC thermistor for temperature sensor is one where the thermistor chip is welded with leads by alloy soldering process, then partially treated by glass sealing .
2. The element has a bead form with good stability, small size and rapid response
3. Widely used in temperature sensors,electronic thermometers and eternity calendar ,temperature compensation,various kinds of household appliances as well as Industrial, medical, environmental protection, weather and food processing equipment etc.

Features of temperature probe thermistor

1. Agency recognition:UL/ RoHS
2. Fastest response time and high accuracy
3. Better Stability ,as chip is welded with leads by alloy soldering process
4. High resistance and mechanical strength
5. Small size, lightweight and cheap
6. Mass production for high accurate element
7. Operation temperature range: -40 to +350 degrees Celsius
8. Thermal time constant: less than 5s (In still air)
9. Usable in high-temperature and high-moisture environments
10. OEM and ODM orders are welcome

Specifications of temperature probe thermistor

This specification deals with shape, dimensions, characteristics, inspection standard etc.

2, Specifications
2.1 Element: Thermistor, type: MJB2-100K -3950-1%
2.2 Shape and dimensions(mm)

2.3 Characteristics
(1) Electrical characteristics
(a) Resistance value): R(25°C)=100K +/-1%
(b) B(B value):B=3950K-1%
(calculated from resistance value at 25°C and 50°C)
(c) Insulation resistance 50MO or over by DC500V megger
(between glass and lead wire)
(2) Thermal time constant (t): t=10~17 s (in still air)
(3) Thermal dissipation constant (d): d=1.1~1.6mW/°C (in still air)
(4) Operating temperature range:-50~+260°C

3 Outgoing Inspection

The product shall be inspected at every delivery lot inspection items, sampling quantities and sampling acceptable standard are as follows.

Inspection Item

Sampling acceptable Standard


Resistance value






Insulation Resistance



Shape & dimensions






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